From Clinical Psychologist to GreatConnections Client Manager

16 May 2013

Lyn Boag was contemplating doing something different from her Clinical Psychologist job and heard Lynne Landy being interviewed on the radio. Lynne talked about the role of volunteers and the support that they gave to community organisations.

Her application to be a volunteer was not only accepted but, with her skills, she was invited to become a Client Manager in 2010. As one of 14 GreatConnections Client Managers, Lyn is allocated about 10 community organisations to work with to plan and support them with their specific projects.

“We get involved right at the start of the project and meet with the organisation, discuss their needs and prepare a plan. The main strength of our role is that we help the organisation scope and define their issues so that we can address their issues and match the skills needed with an appropriately qualified volunteer. What we are doing is linking this amazingly rich group of people with organisations that need support,” says Lyn.


The team of Client Managers works well together meeting monthly to provide support, exchange ideas and to shape and learn from each others’ experiences. Leadership Victoria also provides opportunities for Client Managers to learn about current issues affecting NFPs.   

There is a group of over 1,000 active skilled, transformational volunteers to match skills to roles and so there are few that can’t be matched. The only time there are issues is when the skill set is very specific, but that is one of the challenges for Client Managers

The Client Manager role is voluntary and suits Lyn well in terms of the time needed and she reaps the reward of seeing both the organisation and volunteer benefit from the linking that she does; “As I am there from start to finish I can see just how much of a positive impact Leadership Victoria makes.”