Five minutes with Geoff Donovan

11 June 2015 By

Geoff Donovan, Partner, Logie-Smith Lanyon Lawyers, shares his top tips for leading in times of change. 

Geoff is presenting at LV's NFP Board C21 Conference: A Brave New World (24 and 25 July). Learn more.

Leadership is…

"...managing yourself, inspiring your team to achieve agreed outcomes and networking".

How do you start each working day?

Always with a gym workout or lap swimming at the RACV club in Melbourne.

What’s the best piece of leadership advice you’ve ever received?  

Surround yourself with passionate people who inspire and who provide positive energy for the team.  

What does ‘community leadership’ mean to you?

Leading with passion, purpose, inspiration, teamwork and networking.

Your top tip for leading through times of change?

Tap into the strengths of the existing culture to obtain buy in and understanding for the change.


Geoff Donovan, Partner, Logie-Smith Lanyon Lawyers.