Fast-Tracking Leadership: Day 3 reflection

5 August 2015 By Michael Chan

It’s Day 3 of our Fast Track Leadership Program; focusing on Team Leadership and, I feel inspired to see our facilitators, guest speakers and fellow participants (especially my paired buddy Mitchell) sharing their inspiring stories on how can they get out of their leadership development.

Our day begin with the introduction of team dynamics, which can be occurred in the context of work, education, or even the community. Our guest presenter for this morning is the Paralympian, Hannah McDougall who stood tall to show us the bronze medal she won at Athens Paralympics – it’s really heavy!! She’d given us a recipe for success and hopefully taking away with some positivity to fulfil our dreams and aspirations.

Hulya Kazanasku spoke about the leadership strengths in conflict and further elaborate on DISC (Direct, Influencing, Stabilising, Conscientious) model on how to apply these conflicts. Given the quality of people in the room, this makes perfect sense and I came away feeling more than capable of addressing conflicts while working as a team.

During our speed networking there are light bulb moments happening all over the place – participants deciphering meaningful experiences of their lives, sharing their most astonishing moments arise from fellow participants.

Day 3 wound up with the team activity that is full of goodies – marshmallow, sticky tape, string and pasta sticks. This was an interesting and enjoyable session and I’ve been helping out a fair bit but sometimes not quite than was planned and still time constraints can be a main factor. The exercise allowed me to reflect on the ways in which I might typically work as a team and dynamics can be gained.

I look forward to more challenges and opportunities but next will be our final day of the program – it’s sad that journey is coming to the end.

Michael Chan, Fast-Track Leadership Program participant 2015