Fast Track Your Leadership - program reflection

5 August 2015 By James Griffiths, program participant

The Fast Track Leadership Program has been one of the most rewarding and eye opening courses I have done since I went blind eleven years ago.

Every person that I have met since beginning this course has helped me grow into a more confident and wiser person. In a weird way it reminds me of kindergarten - wake up, get dressed go to school and all throughout the day you are learning new skills, talking, playing games and making new friends and when you get home you are eager to show your parents all the new skills and things you have learnt.

The different guest speakers are like storytime; they tell their stories and you get to see what obstacles they had and how they overcame them and how they were able to find their solutions for that problem.

In my case the days are long but worth every minute - eight hours, 30 minutes travel to do eight hours in a classroom and that's not including waking up getting dressed and getting home having dinner. When I am travelling I get to meet some interesting people and I use the skills that I have learnt through Fast Track to better myself and feed my growth.

- James Griffiths, Fast Track Leadership Program 2015 participant.