Exploring Our Values - Igniting Leadership Program

17 October 2016 By Jo Bidwell, Victorian Building Authority

Apparently we’re a lively bunch according to Oenone and various speakers throughout the day. I’m intrigued about our group. What makes us lively compared to others? Does it perhaps have something to do with the values of this (exceptional) group of people...?

We crammed a lot into Day Two. We watched ‘leadership lessons from dancing guy’, the one who stood up and danced on his own while others gradually joined in. It appears follower number one was a leader in his own right. If he hadn’t have joined in, the leader could have been classified a nut. Never underestimate the value of a daring follower.

Andrew Marty, Managing Director of SACS Consulting, discussed the latest thinking on Emotional Intelligence, and how it is now believed to be predominantly a cluster of personality characteristics, and that we get approx. 70% of our personality via our genes. Leaving us about 30% to work with by the look of it, and a few tips on how to improve it.

Tony Matthews (Manager Leadership Development, LV) talked about values and their role in leadership. We got out the sticky dots and discovered that we’re ultimately a lovely bunch of people with similar extrinsic values. No overtly power hungry individuals were identified. This sort of stuff always fascinates me. What makes us tick? Why do we end up in situations of conflict or lock heads with certain types of people? What can we learn about ourselves and others in order to better influence and lead?

One of the highlights of the day for me, was the group discussion of our individual chosen workplace challenge. Discussing the issue amongst peers, tapping into new ideas and validating my approach so far was quite heartening, with a sense of relief that I’m not going through this on my own. The same could be said of sharing my crucible story. I also realised that many of the major road blocks I’ve been facing seem to be related to differences in values. Now I just need to figure out how to influence those with different values to me. Perhaps that will be covered off next week…..

We ended with the Great Debate on the theme of Leadership vs Management. We all had the opportunity to participate in varying roles. A enlivening way to end the day.

Jo Bidwell, Research Project Manager, Victorian Building Authority