Do you have a good work/life balance?

15 April 2013

Last month, Leadership Victoria, in partnership with Worksafe Australia, hosted 40 people at a WorkHealth Healthy Leaders lunch.

The event highlighted the leadership needed to encourage a healthier lifestyle, both personally and organisationally. Our two speakers, Wayne Kaylor-Thomson (WorkSafe Ambassador) and Jane Martin from Obesity Policy Coalition provided easy to implement strategies. Accompanied by a healthy lunch, attendees were able to hear two different opinions and learn about the free Workhealth check available to businesses.

Stand up meetings, removing junk food vending machines and using the stairs were some of the simple strategies suggested. Examples of initiatives that have been successfully implemented were also shared by those attending including a company who encourages their employees to get up and dance at regular times throughout the day to alleviate the static nature of the job.

For more ideas and information go to the WorkHealth website