Did I Learn Anything Today?

8 August 2016 By Honeyeater Syndicate group, African Leadership Development Program

Waking up early on a cold Saturday morning to attend a leadership session is not a common way to spend the weekend. Personally, Saturday is a day where I relax and catch up with friends and reflect on my week. Through African Think Tank and Leadership Victoria’s African Leadership Development Program, I have the opportunity to be part of 36 African leaders to explore and build our leadership potential.

We had two guest speakers to share their expertise in practicing adaptive leadership. Karina Ojeda, Project Manager of Casa Cultura, an organisation that unites artists and art-lovers from South American backgrounds who are living in Australia. She encourages leaders to be proud of their heritage and share it to the wider Australian community. She also emphasised that leaders need to listen to the needs of their community and be persistent and determined to reach the desirable goal. The second speaker was Mbene Letsamao, Chairperson of the Botswana Association in Victoria. She shared about her organisation, the active demographic and their success and challenges. The underlying theme to summarise their presentations was that they inspired us to be authentic and take action in the capacity we have, and look at challenges as stepping stones to our dreams.     

During the course of the day we were given scenarios to practice our approach to adaptive leadership. The group exercised their leadership skills and also came out with fresh insights.  

Every time when I have a blissful day full of inspiring outlooks I ask myself this question: ‘What did I learn today?’

To summarise the day, I came up with these few statements:

  • You can contribute to this world in many outlets as long as you dream and take action
  • Take all challenges as a learning process to equip you for your next try
  • Be a facilitator to the changes you envision
  • Educate yourself by reading and researching

I have attended many leadership programs that have challenged my perspective and provoked me to take radical action and this program has definitely ignited the desire to change my lifestyle.


“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”
― Mahatma Gandhi