Developing a Leadership Narrative - Igniting Leadership Program

28 April 2016 By David Wain, Senior Policy Officer, Equality Branch, Department of Premier & Cabinet

Well, what an intense but captivating day.

There was a sense of anticipation as soon as people entered the grandiose JJ Clark room of the Old Treasury Building, with everyone milling around, reluctant to sit down, possibly because choosing a seat meant committing to some undefined activity. This wasn't an unreasonable assumption after doing the pre reading, there was a definite sense that at Leadership Victoria, everything matters. That was something I personally found both frightening and thrilling in equal measure.

This settled down as the day progressed, speakers presented and activities were undertaken. Bruce Anderson and Maryum Chaudhry, two people who's experiences differ in almost every respect, spoke about their common understandings of leadership. Both were captivating and compelling, and inspired lively discussions after their presentations.

The day continued on, more discussion, more presentation, more reflection. Eventually the day ended and I was released back into Spring Street, challenged, exhausted and inspired.

The common theme for me across the day was the importance of developing a leadership narrative to find meaning in personal experience, and that these narratives aren't waiting to be found, but have to be created from scratch to serve a specific purpose. 

It was a powerful idea to take with me as I descended into the ordinariness of Parliament Station.

Day 1: Igniting Leadership Program April 2016
David Wain is a Senior Policy Officer in the Equality Branch at the Department of Premier and Cabinet. The Equality Branch coordinates the implementation of the Victorian Government's LGBTI equality portfolio.