Defining Community Leadership

22 June 2015 By Guest speakers, NFP Board C21 conference

How do you define 'Community Leadership'?


“Community leadership involves fiercely advocating for the rights of the community, role modelling behaviours and inspiring others to take action” 

 Paul Bird (pictured), CEO, Australian Volunteers International

“Coming from the grassroots, supported by a shared vision, focused on doing what is best and right for the local community and those that live in it”

Liz Forsyth, Partner KPMG, National Sector Lead Health, Ageing and Human Services

“Using your experiences to help people and organisations be the best they can be”

Mark Burrowes, President, Scope

“Respecting the social and environmental ecosystem you work/live within and making a positive contribution where you can.”

Laura Chisholm, GM, Inlight Media

“Identify a better future and influence the community to change their behaviour to get there. In other words, community leadership is just “ordinary” leadership writ large.”

John Daley, Chief Executive, Grattan Institute


Paul, Liz, Mark, Laura and John are all presenting at the upcoming Leadership Victoria NFP Board C21 conference (24 and 25 July). Check out all the details here.