Guest Blog: Vali Creus with Day One of Igniting Leadership September

24 September 2012 By Vali Creus

My manager called me into his office late on a Friday afternoon and told me to cancel my training planned for Monday as I was going on a leadership course and he would send me the details by email.

On the Monday I got the details and as it was set to start that Thursday I madly tried to get all the pre reading and tasks done. I wasn’t really sure what to expect and didn’t have much time to think deeply about it all.

Day one of the Ignite course was an eye opener. It was great to hear the stories of the speakers' and the other participants. I especially found the descriptions of the speakers' crucible moments amazing in their honesty.

Like most people I dread training courses, being talked at for hours on end and doing what seems like pointless exercises. Watching the clock till it is time for a break or to go home. But in this course time flew and the few exercises we did really helped me to see things in a new light.

One of my favourite things in life is a a good quote and they came thick and fast, my favourites being:

  • "Managers do it right and leaders do the right thing" on the difference between managers and leaders
  • "Leaf blowers – make a lot of noise and just move stuff around" on ineffective managers and
  • "The chicken is involved but the pig is committed" on comparing a project to bacon and eggs.

Finally I think the most important thing I learnt from day one is don’t let others perception/opinion define who you are as a person or a leader, have the courage to define yourself while staying true to your beliefs and who you are.

"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others' think you are." John Wooden

Vali Creus newly appointed Manager Payroll and HRIS at the metropolitan fire and emergency services board, avid sports fan and devoted Geelong  FC supporter.