Community Managed Mental Health Leadership Program Day 8

31 August 2016 By Ross Taylor, Neami National Ringwood

Today Bill Jarrard, Leadership Victoria Associate, spoke to us regarding ‘Pushing through resistance to lead innovatively’.

In order for innovation to occur successfully within teams, the three vital ingredients are focus, people and time. Leaders vary in how much direction they offer; keep in mind how much direction your team is seeking.

One model for innovation is as follows:

  • Define the challenge
  • Explore the situation
  • Generate ideas
  • Design potential solutions
  • Implement

With September almost upon us, and this being footy finals time in Melbourne, my mind drifted to Collingwood’s most recent grand final success. After dipping out of the finals early the previous year, the coaches came up with a radical new game plan. This involved a large focus on pressure being applied in the forward half of the ground, creating opportunities for goals, and allowing Collingwood to continually outscore their opposition. 

“Ideas won’t keep: Something must be done about them” – Alfred North Whitehead OM FRS, Philosopher.

The implementation of this new game plan allowed for Collingwood to experience the ultimate success. I for one am glad that this was an innovation that came to fruition, and didn’t stay at the idea stage.

“The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious” – Theodore Levitt, American economist and professor at Harvard Business School.

What opportunities and possibilities are there for you and your organisation?

In the afternoon, Oenone Serle facilitated an interactive session regarding resilience. There are numerous ways that resilience can be developed and maintained. Some that stood out to me included focussing on your physical wellbeing, values, having a growth mindset, investing in relationships, viewing the opportunity rather than the loss in a situation, and using humour. We were encouraged to make a commitment regarding putting one of these areas into action in order to develop our resilience. 

"We can’t choose what happens to us, but we can choose how to respond to it".


Article by Ross Taylor, Community Rehabilitation and Support Worker (CRSW),
Neami National Ringwood