Community Managed Mental Health Leadership & Management Program Day 3 & 4

2 August 2016 By Mim Dineen, Narlinga Morgan and Bronwyn Rouse

Opening with reflection on days one and two, day three took us on the journey of change. Our facilitator, Kat, provided insight into numerous change models, concepts and activities. The Personal Power Grid stood out and as did the Change Wheel

It’s amazing how changing ten things about your appearance can be so telling about how we process change and react. 

Personality preference was touched on and we were encouraged to consider the conserver, the originator and the pragmatists within our teams.

Some light fun in “the jelly bean game” highlighted some competitiveness within but eventually we all saw the benefit and value of collaboration and partnering. You’ve got to give trust freely, for others to give trust in return.

Day four, we found ourselves out of the mental health sector and working for 'Bridgeworks' to design and build a bridge in Western Port bay. Leadership roles, changing roles, team work and uncertainty was all part of the reflection for us to consider.

Choosing Community Leadership Action Network (CLAN) themes and groups took a bit of convincing, but we were able to see the big picture and establish our essential questions.


"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading"
- Lao Tzu, ancient Chinese philosopher and writer

Interpreting this quote is where we found ourselves in the middle of day four. We all reflected on staying an egg or becoming a bird. 

To wrap up, we were guided through the process of Self Improvement Goals and our underlying immunity and awareness. 

On reflection, it’s inspiring how revealing the participant of our group are willing to be and the trust in the group was palpable.

By Mim Dineen, Narlinga Morgan and Bronwyn Rouse, Community Managed Mental Health Leadership Program participants.