Change Management in the Health Sector

13 October 2015 By Health Sector Leadership Program Oct 2015

Here are a few of our thoughts and key learnings from today’s Change Management (Influence) – Module 3 of the Health Sector Leadership Program 2015.

                             Communication, culture, change

                          CHoice about how you respond

                            Awareness, adversity

                  Build Networks

          Personal Grid

                         ClEar Story



                            Above and Below the line

                           INference – ladder of

                    DeniAl, resistance, exploration, commitment        

                            Glass – capacity

                            Evolving, empowerment

                            Mapping Stakeholder culture

                            Enthusiasm, empower others to own change

 What do you waNt? Ask for it!

                            Transition is the most feared part






Go forth and facilitate change!

- Andrew Sproll, Ai Lin Tan and Michelle McPhee