Casting the Net Wrap

19 April 2011 By Leadership

Casting the Net Wrap
Casting the Net Wrap

The verdict is in! Casting the Net, Leadership Victoria’s first Salon Event for the year, has been a huge success in bringing together our diverse network of LV Alumni and current program participants.

The sell-out event was the first of its kind for LV, a creative new concept driven by one of our key messages ‘create networks’. The challenge of the night was to embrace short and sharp networking opportunities and navigate through the possible awkwardness of those first introductions. As predicted, many of our alumni had no problem with the latter.

While the indefatigable Luke Hockley (WCLP ’07) of MidnightSky set the scene with his intriguing performative presentation on the value of networking, the MC for the evening and self-confessed “Mother-Inferior” of Abbotsford Convent, Maggie Maguire (WCLP ’97) kept up the humour and banter that she’s well known for, ensuring the lively entertainment provided by Luke was matched by her equally lively hosting.

The formal networking structure of the night, based on the concept of speed dating, encouraged guests to get in amongst the action with no holds barred. The energy in the room was infectious and when the formal speed networking tables opened up for the night, guests dived in to take advantage of the three precious minutes they had to make an impression on their “date” opposite them.

Plenty of networking was happening on the floor too, as neighbours turned to each other with a task set out earlier – find the two people whose name cards you picked up upon entry … and network!

The fact that many people wouldn’t leave is testimony to LV’s success in structuring a creative event that not only inspired, but also left tangible results. As we predicted, (and certainly hoped for) many of the guests have followed up on the leads they made on the night. Several lunches and drinks have been organised. Reports have come back with people establishing leads in working partnerships and even opportunities for raising fundraising and sponsorship. All these beginnings point to what LV values: deep and considered networks.

LV look forward to refining our speed networking concept further and present it in the future so more alumni can expand and strengthen networks adding to their LV experience.

Our next Salon event is on May 11th at The Cube, ACMI and will offer a contrast to ‘Casting the Net’.  It features speakers from across the sectors discussing the topic “The Renegade Leader”. Each speaker will work within the innovative ‘ten by ten’ format of presentation where ten visual images are used to accompany a ten minute speech.

Come and check it out.