CALD2LEAD Partnership Announcement

We are delighted to announce this week the signing of a partnership agreement with CALD2LEAD.

Having worked closely with CALD2LEAD since 2019, we were at a stage where both of our organisations felt it was important to recognise this relationship has evolved over this period & reached a stage where entering into a partnership agreement is reflective of that.

At the same time as signing the agreement, we have launched a ‘joint’ fundraising campaign for one scholarship place for a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) woman leader in November’s ‘Women’s Leadership Program’.

CALD2LEAD Chair Dennis Banfield said: “Faye, Steve, Hugh & I are rapt to have taken our relationship with LV to a new level of collaboration and commitment. As LV Alum and with the knowledge from our own leadership journeys, the formation of CALD2LEAD would not have happened if we hadn’t completed the FOLIO Leadership Program together in 2017. It was a very special moment when we finalised our agreement.

Crucially our work is only just beginning in terms of enabling more CALD Women leaders to access programs such as the high-calibre ones LV provides. We are really pleased LV has a similar commitment to ours, so the alignment is absolute. Thank you to Christine, Scott & the LV team for all their support and willingness to work with us and our growing CALD2LEAD community.

Leadership Victoria Chair Christine Nixon said: “LV exists to bring together inspiring people such as Dennis, Hugh, Stephen, and Faye, and empower them to become community leaders who go on to create meaningful opportunities such as this.”

We are absolutely delighted to partner with CALD2LEAD in its mission to develop the leadership capacity of CALD Women Leaders, and encourage others to get involved where you can.

Image Caption: Scott Ko (COO & Acting CEO LV), Christine Nixon (Chair LV), Faye Shee-Durnion (Board member CALD2LEAD), Dennis Banfield (Chair CALD2LEAD).

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