Boroondara Leadership Program: Motivation and Coaching

16 September 2015 By Bronwen Hutchison, Chad Henry, Matthew Paynter

The day’s session was held at the Leadership Victoria offices located at The Old Treasury Building, Spring Street Melbourne. The day started with a debriefing on how our meetings with our mentors went, with everyone happy with the person they have been paired up with.

To kick the session off we had guess speaker Lynn Scoles, who spoke about emotional intelligence. She talked about what emotional intelligence is and what it means to you. She went through each of the following and explained how it all relates to this subject:

  • Stress
  • Buttons/Triggers
  • Values
  • Empathy
  • Understanding Others
  • Impact on Others
  • Think before acting
  • Think about how others may respond

Lynn also explained how emotional intelligence can affect the brain and ways to minimise the danger and maximise the reward. During this session we learnt about Amygdala Hijack. This is when the higher levels of stress cause a reduction in our abilities to make good decisions. When we are less stressed we are more aware of what is going on around us.

After morning tea we then moved onto DRIVE and the surprising truth about what motivates us. During this session we learnt about understanding what drives and motivates people and their goals and awareness.

We also went through the differences between internal and external motivators. This could relate to monetary rewards or status rewards. As part of this session we also covered the topics of autonomy, mastery and purpose.

After completion of the Provocation/Drive session when then moved onto our CLAN: Collaborative Leadership in Action Networks program. We finalised the two projects that we will be working on and presenting at the completion of this program. The two projects will be Ageing Workforce and Collaboration.

The afternoon consisted of a presentation by Louise Thomson on motivating and coaching others. This began with an insight into the 'iceberg of a person'. This is the two parts of any person: the stuff you see and the stuff you can't see. The tip of the iceberg (what you can see) represents behaviour, strength, traits and types. Things you can't see include intent, purpose, motives, values, and drive.

From this we broke into groups of three to conduct a 20 minute coaching session by following the below question pattern:

Goals - How are you feeling? What do you want to achieve?

Reality - Who is involved? What, When, Where, How much, How often?

Options - If there was no restriction what would you do? What have you done so far?

Wrap-up - What support do you need to succeed? What option seems the most appealing and why?

We wrapped up the day by meeting a number of the mentors and had round table discussions on various models of leadership going over a variety of experiences with each of the mentors.

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