Boroondara Leadership Program - Immersion Experience Day 1

12 August 2015 By Andrew, Cathy, Chad, Katherine & Trevor

The day started early with a group relations exercise exploring why are we here. The exercise encouraged the group to explore the dynamics of the group and to go outside our comfort zone to appreciate the diversity of our leadership styles. We then got to know members of the group better through the buddy introductions.

Jason Clarke, from Minds at Work, gave a great presentation about innovation.The session taught the group that innovation is not necessarily one big idea, but many little ideas that lead to major change. It also highlighted the value in working with peoples strengths rather than making them fit into what you want them to.

We also discussed a workplace challenge in groups and realised that there are similar issues which members of the group are facing.

Some of the key insights from the day included:

  • Make things better by making things different
  • Not everything different is better
  • Smart people trapped in dumb systems
  • Leaders were created to contain anxiety
  • Levels of leadership - you, your organisation, your community
  • Three attributes of a leader according to Leadership Victoria - vision, ethics and influence

Andrew, Cathy, Chad, Katherine and Trevor, City of Boroondara.

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