Boroondara Leadership Development Program: Module 3

18 March 2014 By Kirsten, David and Amy

Leading and Managing Teams - 11 February 2014

What a way to start the day!  A beautiful sunny morning and an energiser game or two with Queen of Fun – Elly.  A game of ‘Whah’ was followed by sorting ourselves in the order of our playing cards (without speaking!), and then some reflections on our learnings to date and our feelings about the day ahead.

During the first session of the morning, Lindy Amos took us through a decision making process that was divided into three areas: head, heart and gut.

After morning tea, four members of the Leadership Victoria Alumni entertained us with stories from the field – very entertaining!  Thanks so much to Matt Vincent, Wade Keenan, Marnie Ireland and Helga Svendsen.  The world café afterwards gave us the opportunity to ‘pick their brains’ and ask questions of each of the speakers. 

A quick lunch break and then it was a busy afternoon filled with each of the three CLAN groups reporting on their options, followed by a chance to sit in the park in the sunshine while more members of the group shared their workplace challenge with their peer groups.

A passionate debate about whether ‘Leadership is from the top’ certainly raised voices and blood pressure levels, with plenty of laughter, entertainment and competitive spirit!

It was then swiftly on to Carrical House, a beautiful Victorian mansion completed in 1863.  It is home to a colourful crowd, supported by Servants Community Housing.  We were welcomed into the fold for conversation and a delicious BBQ dinner. 

A quick tour of the mansion was followed by a short stroll to the Hawthorn West Baptist Church where Matt shared his extraordinary journey.  Then it was Juan's turn to share his story with us.  We all appreciated the residents welcoming us and sharing their stories.