Better leadership for Australia's future

19 March 2018 By Richard Dent

Better leadership for Australia’s future

Working at a senior level, most of us are conscious of multiple complex challenges, issues that seem to reoccur. Change seems all-pervasive, leadership seems even harder.

Leading teams through change; working horizontally across large organisations amidst uncertainty; seeking system change at the macro level to ensure greater equity and access: all these can be immensely challenging quests. All involve shifting system dynamics to some degree, shifting people and often ‘shifts’ within ourselves. As leaders, how we show up, how we expand our understanding, how we intervene and how we hold to purpose are key.

Here at LV we are very excited to be hosting two of the world’s brilliant minds and practitioners in this space for one week in April (16-20). Marty Linsky, of Harvard and Adaptive Leadership fame as well as Ed O’Malley CEO of the Kansas Leadership Centre will be with us here in Australia. We are hosting these two as we believe that between them, they offer some essential truths which just might provide both practical and insightful opportunities for moving Australia forward on some of the larger business, government and social challenges we face.

Over the course of the week we are hosting a range of events and activities in Brisbane Adelaide and Melbourne – with a limited number of open program spaces for experienced people managers. Participants in these sessions will benefit from deep-dives into group dynamics, subconscious barriers and faction mapping, and uncover some of the reasons change is often difficult and how to face and overcome the risks which exercising leadership brings.

For open places in the following locations check these links:

Brisbane:  April, 18


April 16: Ed will be special host of Day 1 of our Finding your Leadership Edge Program

April 17: Join us for a sociable networking breakfast with Ed O’Malley

April 20: Senior Masterclass with Marty Linsky and Ed O’Malley - LIMITED PLACES APPLY NOW