Anna Scott reflects on the fourth day of LV's Igniting Leadership Program

2 August 2012 By Anna Scott

Anna Scott
Anna Scott

LV's Igniting Leadership Program is a concentrated learning experience that is designed to foster a new generation of leaders. Anna Scott, a participant in ILP for June 2012, reflects on day three of the program:

As I write this, I'm spoilt with a wonderful view of the Noosa Beach. The crystal blue surf is sparking, as the ever graceful surfers take their turn to ride the waves. Warmed by the sun and inspired that I can wear a t-shirt and shorts in July, my thoughts drift back to day four of the Igniting Leadership Program.

Day four began with a burst of energy; a TED talk from Simon Sinek, "How Great Leaders Inspire Action", with the simplest of messages. We need to understand why we do things because, "people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it". Check out the full talk at Sinek: how great leaders inspire action.

James Garriock on the other hand, armed with his case studies from the field, approached leadership from a systemic perspective and used a footy analogy to sum up our role as leaders; "in our workplace we are both the player and the coach". James spoke about the importance of people and focused in on the engagement of our people, "capturing the heads, heart and hand to embrace change".  I was left pondering after James final quote; "you are more intimidating than you think".

Back after morning tea and into a world-cafe activity to seek some answers around our group’s question: how can you combine the role of coach and leader? This activity was a great way to share a problem, engage the troops, have lots of fun and at the end you are left with loads of fantastic ideas! In the end we were left with differing opinions and ideas. The conclusion I have drawn is, yes, you can combine the role of leader and coach, but it’s easier if you coach someone outside of your own team.

Our brown-paper-bag camp after lunch showed us a model of assertiveness, a great little way to show your team what assertiveness looks like. Thanks Pete for a little model than can be applied to any situation, not just in the workplace.

What makes this course such a stand-out is the breath of speakers and their willingness to be open with their experiences.

This was particularly so with Andrew Johnson, who had a tough gig being first speaker after lunch on a Friday afternoon. Andrew spoke about leadership, courage and the big issues. I was engaged right from the start. A video from Andrew’s overseas travels was played, which I think portrayed the meaning of courage really well. When things are stacked up against us we need to have the courage as leaders to act and do something about it. Andrew left us with a couple of quotes I would like to share; "you don't have to be all things to all people"  and "celebrate our success, take the time to stop and smell the roses".

The workplace challenge was another great way to share a problem, engage the troops, gain great pearls of wisdom, and have fun in the process. A big thanks to my team; their willingness to listen and help with the tricky issues was amazing and inspiring.

As we came near to the end of day four we reflected on our reading: "Discovering Your Authentic Leadership". As leaders we must not forget the importance of devoting time and taking responsibility for our own growth and development. Leaders need to be open to looking at their life story and learning from past experiences. Leaders can and should find the inspiration to make an impact in the world.

Another jam-packed day at Leadership Victoria, my main take away from the day was knowing why; why I inspire people, why people matter and why as leaders we can make an impact not only in the workplace but in the broader community.

Anna Scott is a Project Manager for WorkSafe Victoria.