African Leadership Development Program - a Reflection

23 September 2014

African Leadership Development Program 2014
African Leadership Development Program 2014

Leadership is a wonderful things but it surely is a lot of work. The Leadership Victoria (LV), African Think Tank (ATT), African Leadership Development Program (ALDP), and a group of dedicated mentors gave up ten Saturdays to provide leadership training to willing members of the African Australian Community in Victoria.

The 30th August was an introduction day, styled as 'Starting the Leadership Dialogue'. Presenters from the above organisation introduced the day to the participants with a handful of speakers that involved mentors, previous mentees and professionals from LV, the organisation facilitating. The Chairperson of the African Think Tank, Dr. Berhan Ahmed, says the program is meant to help participants' "leadership emerge".

The participants were also put into groups ranging from Music Minded through to Bloggers, who are tasked to fulfil few duties each week. The second week will be an interesting one as the group will be look at leadership in more details.