Action Research Partnership: Compassionate and Courageous Leadership at work

14 November 2013

Leadership Victoria is pleased to announce our partnership in an innovative action research project and would like to invite our Alumni to participate.

  • Are you interested in deepening your awareness and practice of compassionate and courageous leadership?
  • Are you curious about how organisational cultures impede or enable the effectiveness of the socially conscious leader?

Over the next 18 months Leadership Victoria will be working with our Alumni and Lindy Amos, a Professional Doctorate researcher from MIECAT (Melbourne Institute for Experiential and Creative Therapy), to explore the benefits, barriers and enablers of compassionate and courageous leaders in government, business and community organisations.

This research project will inquire into the experience of compassionate and courageous leadership and explore the impact of this experience on the leader’s themselves, on organisational members and on the organisational culture as a whole. The aim is to get a better understanding of how an embodiment of these characteristics supports a leader’s ability to function effectively and if ultimately this leads to socially responsible leadership. The project is also interested in what facilitates and inhibits compassionate and courageous action and also discovering ways to develop and sustain compassionate and courageous practices in organisations. A case study approach will be used to compare the differences in definitions, experiences and applications between diverse leaders from the government, business and not for profit sectors, focusing in on how their respective organisational culture’s (conscious and unconscious dynamics) might influence these differences.

As with all our work, this project’s success relies on the support of our Alumni. Please consider participating in this project as a research participant.

To find out more about the project click here for the full project overview.

Click here for the research summary document.

To express your interest in participating please email Lindy Amos directly

Download a consent form here.