A year of learning, a lifetime of contribution

The Williamson group of 2020 have now graduated, marking the end of their program experience. But really, it is just the start… of being lifelong leaders and LV alumni.  

And what an achievement this year has been.  

Everyone who contemplates the Williamson Leadership Program knows it is going to be challenging. But no one could have predicted that it would be challenging in quite the way it was.   

And that is a true challenge, isn’t it?  The one that comes from a place we weren’t expecting and had never imagined.  

Uncertainty, disruption and adaptation marked the year.   

The mixed feelings of the Williamson year reflect the mixed feelings of us all about this strange and difficult year. Powerlessness, unfairness and frustration, but also, sometimes, glimpses of possibility – new ways to see and be, and new connections forged in unfamiliar ways.  

The fact that this once-in-a-generation event coincided with a deep dive into leadership makes this past yearWilliamson experience truly unique.   

COVID and its reach into our society was the setting for a real-time, deeply felt, exploration of the challenges the Williamson program addresses.  

The true achievement is in how the 2020 Williamson cohort adapted and grew – and how they will continue to do so.  

So all of us in the LV community eagerly look on in support to see how this Williamson group will apply their year of unique insights and experiences; how they will use them to make sense of the world and contribute to creating a stronger society. 

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