A Reflection on the Year that Was, from the Chair and Executive Director

9 December 2010 By Leadership

Jerril Rechter
Jerril Rechter

This is LV’s twenty-first year, a year which in many ways represents a coming of age for a much-admired organisation.

After a period of consultation, deep reflection and planning, LV can celebrate its important and unique position in the leadership landscape of the future.

The LV of 2010 and beyond is an innovative, independent not-for-profit organisation that seeks to drive enduring, positive change. We achieve this by developing first-class leaders and then mobilising these leaders in support of the emerging issues and opportunities of importance for our community.

Throughout LV’s history, our leadership programs, Williamson Community Leadership Program (WCLP) and ExperienceBank Leadership Program (EBLP), have developed and supported some of our nation’s finest leaders.

The Alumni of these programs lend their support to countless community based initiatives, both in partnership with LV and independently. Projects supported by LV are driven by collaboration with a range of strategic partners, such as the Government of Timor Leste, the African Think Tank, the Victorian Bushfire Reconstruction Authority as well as hundreds of community-based organisations.

One of the many ways our Alumni contribute is through joining not-for-profit Boards. LV believes that governance of not-for-profit organisations is a key leadership issue and our Board Orientation Series provides an innovative orientation to this critical aspect of community leadership.

In 2010 we have been very pleased to introduce a new addition to our suite of leadership development programs. LV’s Igniting Leadership Program is a five-day intensive program aimed at those stepping into their first leadership role.

The introduction of “Ignite” means LV now offers programs for exceptional leaders throughout their career. Those with a passion and talent for leadership can learn and evolve with LV from their first leadership role, progressing through WCLP and EBLP as they grow to become senior, accomplished leaders.

2010 saw the introduction of further new initiatives. We welcomed our first Leader in Residence, Chris Kotur. Chris, a ’94 WCLP graduate with an impressive background as policy analyst, chief executive officer and university pro-vice-chancellor, has worked across public, private and community sectors. Chris is a fitting appointment to this role and we thank her for volunteering her time and look forward to continuing to work with her in 2011.

In her first month as LV’s Leader in Residence, Chris hosted our inaugural Foresight Forum. A discussion with six eminent leaders, the Forum explored the key issues that will require exceptional leadership over the next decade, and how LV might best prepare our leaders to navigate these issues.

This year saw a renewed focus on the way we engage with the community and the projects we undertake. LV Projects now offers greater opportunities for contribution to a more strategic range of initiatives with significant organisations who work with us in partnership.

An important step in the evolution of LV has been the rejuvenation of our brand. This year we worked hard to identify the four key messages that best articulate the various elements of our work. These key messages combine to articulate our organisational narrative and provide a clear understanding of the breadth and depth of our work.

Inspire Leaders
Drive Change
Create Networks
Future Makers

These messages and a refreshed brand design are reflected in LV materials, including our new website which will continue to grow in functionality in the coming years.

Our next step is the creation of a set of values that will guide LV’s work and decision-making processes.

Our efforts to reshape the direction of LV received strong validation this year. We were enormously privileged to receive three-year funding for capacity building via a Strategic Impact Project grant from the Truby and Florence Williams Charitable Trust at ANZ Trustees. Over the coming three years LV will implement our new vision and model for leadership that utilises our unique reach across sectors.

Our broader community has before it many complex and interwoven challenges that demand exceptional leadership. LV strives to create insight and foster valuable collaborations so that we can all make an enduring and positive impact in our lifetime.

Garry Ringwood,

Jerril Rechter
Executive Director