25 Years of Leadership Development - What's Changed?

4 September 2014 By LV's Imagineer, Bill Jarrard

In the 25th Anniversary year of the Williamson Community Leadership Program (WCLP), the evening of 3rd September was something special. For the first time we brought together participants from the inaugural year of the WCLP (1990) and the 2014 group. Twenty Five years have passed since the first WCLP and the chance to meet and exchange thoughts between emerging leaders from 1990 and 2014 was a truly unique opportunity.

The evening was devoted to sharing experiences, talking about how times have changed, and looking at leadership development a generation after the initial WCLP. In thinking about leadership we discussed what, if anything, has changed. How are today’s leaders addressing the challenges they face, and is this different to what was being done in 1990?

And what about leadership development, are today’s leaders being better prepared than they were 25 years ago.  Certainly there are a lot more resources, courses, books, and methodologies available today – perhaps too many?

A lot has changed in the world in 25 years – In 1990 the Cold War had really only just finished, Nelson Mandela had just been released, there was no internet, no Google, no tablets or iPhones and in 1990 Collingwood were Premiers. So much has changed.

So yesterday 3rd September was both a celebration and a reflection on 25 years of change, 25 years of leadership development, and 25 years of the WCLP.

What hasn’t changed is the passion, capability, values and determination to make a difference that every participant in a Williamson Community Leadership Program, and indeed any Leadership Victoria program, brings to share with others.

So thank you to my 1990 Fellows who so willingly engaged with the great 2014 group, and also thank you to everyone who made it such a great evening.