2014 Knox LEAD Program Blog

7 April 2014

2 Day Residential – Yarra Valley Conference Centre
(3 and 4 April 2014)

Day 1

Twenty-three of Knox’s aspiring leaders embark on Day one of the inaugural LEAD program.

Held in the tranquil settings of the Yarra Ranges foothills, the group learned about how vision, influence and ethics, play key roles in being an effective leader.

The group explored different workplace and local leaders and seemed to find a special connection with Richard Branson. (We think it was the teeth)

The afternoon session focused on enneagram, with the group, both individually and collectively, exploring each of the nine profiles. Are there any 7's out there? There were none in our group.

The evening found us in the dining room listening to Anne Leadbeater; an inspirational accidental leader who lead the Kinglake Black Saturday relief and recovery, Anne highlighted the fact that leaders, "step up to the plate" and "are able to work outside conventions when working in uncharted waters; as working to strict frameworks doesn't work when there is system failure.

This was followed by a wonderful dinner; where the group got to better know each other (helped along by a few shandies).  One key learning out of this session was that the unspoken word (perhaps just a hand gesture) is just as powerful as the words we use in our everyday lives.

Day 2

A coolish morning greeted participants on day 2 of the emersion, some with sorer heads then others. A good old fashioned breaky fry up was the perfect way to start the morning.

The morning session started with some reflecting from the previous day, in particular the evening speaker, Anne Leadbeater.  

We then continued on exploring the enneagram system and how we utilise it to identify and grow our potential leadership. A buddy activity involving a blind fold and sweets followed showing us all the importance of just listening.

Jason Clarke was the afternoon guest speaker who had us all captivated in how was able to describe the inner workings of the Local Government system (not the good bits). His simple yet structured approach seemed to really strike a positive cord with all participants.

As the afternoon and the end of a gruelling two days came closer we were all introduced to the mentor program and given the names of our mentor for the duration of the program. With exhausted minds and bodies we all drove off into the beautiful and peaceful surroundings reflecting and thinking of.................................sleep.