Mentoring can provide a unique opportunity for both the mentor and mentee to engage, learn and be challenged by perspectives, experiences and expertise that are different to their own. In doing so, both mentors and mentees can strengthen their leadership skills and capability.

Leadership Victoria offers a range of mentoring opportunities often to complement other program activities (such as leadership development programs, workshops and coaching), or as a stand-alone program.

As a Leadership Victoria mentor, you have the opportunity to:

  • strengthen your own leadership capabilities;
  • reflect and improve your mentoring practice;
  • gain both personal and professional satisfaction from developing others;
  • build the leadership skills and capacity of individuals and organisations;
  • be exposed to new ideas, perspectives and cultures; and,
  • give back to the community.

You will also be supported to be an effective mentor with an induction to the mentor program, a mentor guide and materials, and the ongoing support during our programs of a designated Mentor Co-ordinator, as well as the support of a Mentoring Community of Practice.

To better understand the voluntary role of a Leadership Victoria mentor, please see our mentor role profile and our mentoring FAQs.


New to mentoring with Leadership Victoria?

If you are keen to get involved as a mentor, please complete our expression of interest form.  This information will assist us to assess your suitability as a mentor and for matching you with a mentee.  As mentoring opportunities become available we will make contact with you.


Current or prior Leadership Victoria mentor?

If you are a current or prior Leadership Victoria mentor wishing to reconnect, update your information (contact details and/or resume) and/or mentoring preferences, please email



For more information about our mentoring opportunities, or for organisations seeking to support their employee development through a tailored customised mentoring program, please email