GreatConnections Membership

Join LV as a member of GreatConnections

GreatConnections helps to build a better Victoria by mobilising skilled and experienced volunteers to support community organisations and leaders.

We have been delivering transformational projects for 25 years, linking the experience of Leadership Victoria of over 3,000 alumni, graduates and volunteers with the needs of not-for-profit and community organisations.

GreatConnections can source skilled, transformative volunteers to support your organisation and your members in three important areas:

  • Board, Council and Committee members
  • Mentors for staff and community leaders
  • Specialist support in areas such as business planning, governance, strategic planning, communications, and marketing

Central to our approach are our Client Managers, who offer a personalised service to member organisations by helping to scope projects and identifying a volunteer with the right skills and experience.

Membership benefits

GreatConnections offers two levels of fee-based membership to not-for-profit and community organisations, Full and Associate.

All members receive the following benefits:

  • promotion of volunteer opportunities to over 1,000 K alumni, volunteers and graduates
  • exclusive invitations and concessional pricings to special NFP-focused Leadership Victoria events and programs
  • acknowledgement of their participation on the Leadership Victoria website and in GreatConnections communications

Full members are allocated a Client Manager upon joining GreatConnections, and are able to identify a number of projects suitable for volunteer support.

If you are looking for two or more board members, mentoring for staff or volunteers, or some specialist volunteer support, this is the membership for you.

Client Managers are unique to GreatConnections – they are familiar with the GreatConnections volunteers and will help you to identify a volunteer with the right skills and attributes for your project.

Skilled in project development and management, Client Managers will help to scope your projects and will provide support from start to finish.

Associate members are able to advertise board positions on the Leadership Victoria website – this membership is best suited to organisations who are seeking a single board member.

Board placements are promoted to Leadership Victoria alumni, volunteers and graduates via regular Leadership Victoria communications, but are not facilitated by a Client Manager.

Membership Fees

Full membership is an annual fee, scaled on the basis of organisational size:

  • Under $250,000 income p.a. - $330.00 (inc. GST)
  • Between $250,000 and $1.5M income p.a. - $550.00 (inc. GST)
  • Income greater than $1.5M p.a. - $880.00 (inc. GST)

Associate membership is an annual fee of $99.00 (inc. GST) for all organisations.

Are we right for your needs?

GreatConnections engage in activities which are set to transform your organisation, to help you progress towards your mission or take place at a strategic level to build capacity and/or capability in a specific area.

If you are looking for regular office support or assistance for a one-off technical task like building a new website, we may not be the right option for you.

Apply now

To apply for membership of GreatConnections, you need to be a not-for-profit organisation with a current Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance.

Please complete this form to start the registration process.

Next steps

Once you are registered, you will receive a warm welcome from GreatConnections, along with a membership pack and invoice. 

Full members will be contacted by their assigned Client Manager to begin scoping projects – this will generally take place within four weeks.  If your project request is urgent, please note this in your application.

The Client Manager will help to scope your projects, explain how to upload them to the Leadership Victoria website and work with you to identify a volunteer with suitable skills and attributes – you can participate in the matching process, or leave it up to the Client Manager. 

Associate members will receive access to the Leadership Victoria website to upload and advertise their board placement.

Further information

Please contact the GreatConnections team at or 
(03) 9651 6552.