Leadership is the ability to be able to ethically influence, to achieve important outcomes for the greater good

Leadership Impact

Leadership Victoria’s vision is embedded with a commitment to social impact – we interpret this as action taken by organisations and individuals which contributes to positive, meaningful and sustainable change for the benefit of society. 

Our definition of social impact is broad and considers the impact of individual leaders alongside the wider impact of organisations in the public, private and community sectors as well as the interplay between social, economic and environmental issues.

As an organisation which promotes exceptional leadership in every individual, organisation and community, we use the term ‘leadership impact’ to identify and highlight the critical contribution leadership makes to a better world.

How you can be involved

We have been delivering transformational projects for 25 years, linking the experience of our alumni, graduates and volunteers with the needs of not-for-profit and community organisations.

We deliver several Leadership Impact activities, each of which offer an opportunity for our alumni and other skilled volunteers to apply and further develop their leadership skills:

  • Responses to complex social, economic and environmental issues, in the form of multi-organisation, networked activities emphasising collective action and high impact
  • Mentoring of existing and emerging leaders, as part of a leadership development program and/or stand-alone mentoring program 
  • Community Leadership Action Networks, a challenging collaborative component of our leadership development programs with a real-world focus