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Leadership is the ability to be able to ethically influence, to achieve important outcomes for the greater good


GreatConnections can source skilled, transformative volunteers to support your organisation and your members in three important areas:

  • Board, Council and Committee members
  • Mentors for staff and community leaders
  • Specialist support in areas such as business planning, governance, strategic planning, communications, and marketing

Developing your project description

Central to our approach are our Client Managers, who offer a personalised service to member organisations by helping to scope projects and identifying a volunteer with the right skills and experience.

Your Client Manager is your first point of contact, when you have a project in mind – if you’re not sure who your Client Manager is, contact

If you haven’t already discussed your project request with your Client Manager, please do so before you complete this online project description form.

If you have developed your request, in consultation with your Client Manager, please complete this online project description form.

Please note that the contents of the form will be freely available on the Leadership Victoria website, so avoid including material that is confidential or sensitive.

Please also ensure that it’s signed off by the CEO, or a person with delegated authority.

Once we’ve received your completed online project description form, your Client Manager will get started on finding the right volunteer for you.

Are we right for your needs?

GreatConnections engages in activities which are set to transform your organisation, to help you progress towards your mission or take place at a strategic level to build capacity and/or capability in a specific area.

If you are looking for regular office support or assistance for a one-off technical task like building a new website, we suggest seeking a volunteer via GoVolunteer or GoodCompany.

Even if your project request is a good fit, it may take us some time to identify a volunteer with the right skills and experience. In some cases, particularly if your request has a short timeframe, we may not be able to assist you.

Associate members can submit a position description for a board placement here directly and we will advertise it online.

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To complete a Project Application Form for GreatConnections, you must be employed by or representing a Member Organisation and logged into your LV account.