The Coaching Cycle

Executive Leadership Coaching is cyclical, tailored to your pace, and guided by your coach.


The Coaching Cycle represents six stages:

1 - Six Stages of ELC


We work with you to uncover your unique developmental solutions and conduct a matching process. Purpose, expectations and norms are established with you to form our shared Learning Contract for the coaching program.

Capability Baseline

A variety of assessment tools will be explored.


Your coaching goals, strategies, techniques and measurement tools are discussed and formalised into a coaching plan.


Your coach works with you to apply your learnings, deepening knowledge through practice.
Option: 360-degree assessment to measure progress.


Each coaching program is evaluated on four measures; your satisfaction, what you learnt, how well this learning was transferred to practice and the coaching business impact.


For ongoing learning and reflection, your coaching report includes data on key learnings, evaluation, an analysis of measures of success and your coaches comments.
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