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Our Executive Leadership Coaching facilitates transformation and accelerates development for both the individual and the organisation. Our tailored coaching practice is aligned to organisational goals and role performance, designed to develop an employee with their career progression. 


Our practice is based on one of three coaching modules:

  1. Emerging 
  2. Executive 
  3. Premium Executive 



Our Emerging module is designed for people new to leadership roles, aspiring leaders and those who are viewed as high-potential emerging leaders.  Working to enable emerging leaders to navigate the new encountered challenges of leading self and others.



The Executive module for mid-senior managers is designed for experience leaders to maximise their capacity to lead self, collaborate, broaden their worldview and achieve results through others.



Our Premium module specifically for c-suite leaders and preparation for c-suite leadership, offers a sounding board and trusted advise channel to top-tier management.  Coaching supports the coachee to lead organisations through complex and uncertain conditions.


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Capability assessments are available as an optional extra and a needs assessment will be discussed in the Pre-assessment meeting stage


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