About Us

Our Approach

Leadership Victoria's (LV) unique development programs draw on the best leadership development research and practice from around the world.

Our approach includes both horizontal (technical skill development) and vertical development (increasing the capacity to learn) opportunities and activities. Vertical learning occurs through exposure to new and diverse experiences, people and ideas, which is a focus of our unique programs.

We utilise elements of adaptive leadership (Heifetz and Linsky), situational leadership (Blanchard et al) and emotional leadership (Goleman et al).

Our leadership programs are built on the LV leadership model of Vision, Influence and Ethics.

Our view is that leadership development is a process of cognitive and consciousness development. We look for the conscious and subconscious barriers to, and enablers of, leadership development, and allow participants to explore, observe and practice leadership "in the room".


We tailor each program depending on topic and objectives, drawing on a variety of techniques. We can design our programs to:

  • include a range of adult learning activities and strategies which are engaging and enable learning by action
  • include a range of experiential elements into the program, which may include site-visits, tours and social opportunities to provide a unique exposure to community leadership ‘in action’
  • Provide experienced facilitators and subject matter experts, together with highly experienced guest speakers and contributors who share their insights and personal experiences and a range of perspectives to challenge participants’ thinking
  • integrate activities into the program which require participants to take ownership, contribute and play a leadership role within the program, providing them with the opportunity to practice leadership in a safe environment
  • provide the time, space and encouragement to question and explore their own, their group’s and guest speakers’ insights and perspectives. We value the importance of building learning from the group itself, and acknowledge that many of the answers to questions asked will be in the room
  • include a collaborative, challenge-based learning project to present participants with a unique learning experience with the potential to achieve a positive outcome
  • build reflection time and activities into the program to ensure the maximum learning opportunity
  • include strategies and activities to build the cohort into a connected peer support group with a common purpose and trust, which will endure beyond the program period
  • evaluate each session and incorporate participant feedback into the design of forthcoming sessions to ensure the program meets their needs and optimizes learning outcomes

Leadership Journey

We view participation in our leadership programs as one part of an ongoing leadership journey. Alumni and graduates of our leadership programs are invited to join Leadership Victoria’s network and will receive information and invitations to LV programs and events. Graduates are also invited to register as a skilled volunteer with our GreatConnections and social impact programs to apply their leadership through pro bono work with community organisations including as mentors and through placements on NFP boards.