About Us

Who we are

Leadership Victoria (LV) exists to inspire, develop and connect exceptional leaders who are driven by personal development and professional excellence and share our passion for creating a better world.

Over 25 years, we’ve curated a deep knowledge of the attributes essential to exceptional leadership. And we use these to develop skilled and energised leaders across today’s business, government and community landscapes. There are four pillars to our work – Leadership Wisdom, Development, Networks, and Impact – which we use to share what we know and actively contribute to the creation of a better world, with our extensive network including graduates, alumni, volunteers and partners.

Our Offering

Our Vision

Exceptional leadership for a better world.

Our Approach

Leadership Victoria's approach is:

  • Cross-sectoral: We bring the public, private and not-for-profit sectors together
  • Open-minded: We respect the breadth of societal values that our participants embrace
  • Inter-generational: We enable leaders across generations to learn from one another
  • Reflective: We encourage deep reflection to increase each participant's awareness of themselves and their place in the world.

We have a vision for a better world, supported by a robust logic model and executable strategy: view a summary of our 2018-2020 strategic plan here.

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Leadership Victoria is a charitable organisation and a social enterprise.

We understand that some non-profit organisations may ask for non-profit rates on our services.    

We are pleased to offer NFP rates for some programs and activities. Contact us to learn more. 

Our history

In 1989, the directors of the Hugh Williamson Foundation resolved to invest in the next generation of leaders for Victoria and Australia. They established and funded the Williamson Community Leadership Program (WCLP).

Over the years, WCLP became one of Australia’s most sought-after leadership development programs. In 2000, WCLP changed its name to Leadership Victoria as it continued to expand its programming, staffing, funding base and level of public recognition. Leadership Victoria continues to evolve as a leader among leadership organisations but with the original goals from 25 years ago still in place – to foster and develop a new generation of leaders.

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